Our Effort

Ohioans for Medical Marijuana was formed to support a ballot initiative establishing a comprehensive, patient-focused medical marijuana law in Ohio. It represents a coalition of patients, families, advocates, and organizations committed to enacting a sensible, fair, and compassionate medical marijuana program.

On May 25, 2016, the Ohio Legislature adopted a medical marijuana law in response to growing pressure from the state’s strong community of patients and advocates, as well as a constitutional voter initiative proposed by Ohioans for Medical Marijuana, which was backed by the Marijuana Policy Project.  Two days later, after considerable discussion, the decision was made to suspend our drive to place the issue on the November 2016 Ohio ballot. The legislature’s action on medical marijuana was indeed a step forward, and thanks to the intense advocacy efforts of patients and their families, activists, and our team, the bill was vastly improved before passage.

We have the deepest gratitude for the volunteers who collected many thousands of signatures, as well as the patients who lent their voices to the effort by sharing their stories. If you ask any state legislators, they’ll tell you they wouldn’t have passed the bill if not for the enormous pressure that Ohio patients and activists exerted on a political establishment that feared seeing a medical marijuana initiative on the ballot.

OMM will move forward as an advocacy effort to ensure Ohio officials live up to the promises made in HB 523, as well as to improve upon the program using our initiative as a roadmap.